Terms & Conditions


The purpose of this Policy is to set clear guidelines for CTS staff that are

engaged in procurement activity, in order to ensure compliance with good practice principles and any relevant legislation and guidance and to ensure that products are sourced on the principles of customer needs (including delivery times), quality of products and best value for money for both CTS Limited and it’s customers.


1.1 Definition of Procurement

The term "Procurement" refers to the process by which goods services are acquired from third parties.

2.2 Value for Money

In procuring goods and services, all staff are responsible and accountable for achieving value for money. In addition, staff involved in procurement are urged to seek continuous improvements in value for money whilst ensuring that quality of goods are services are not compromised.


CTS Ltd’s Procurement Strategy sets out how the principles of this Policy

will be delivered within our operational procurement activity. The procurement strategy should be transparent, represent sound ethical and economic values and particular attention should be paid to the policies set out in our corporate social responsibility policy and employees involved in procurement of goods and services must in no way be involved in bribery or corruption.


The Key staff involved in procurement are Scott Maxwell, Tom Maxwell and Stuart Jackson. All staff involved are responsible for ensuring that procurement activity within the business is carried out in accordance with the terms contained within this document.


Staff Involved in procurement must ensure compliance with any relevant legal requirements in relation to products sourced. Particular attention must be paid to full traceability on products, certificates of conformity etc where relevant. Guidance should be sought from customers on any industry specific legal requirements, and any additional queries arising from this should be directed to S Jackson for guidance.


All Suppliers will be dealt with equally, with integrity, fairness, and courtesy

and in a professional manner. Relationships with suppliers should be constructive, but built on a competitive approach that will lead to cost savings for both CTS Ltd and it’s customers whilst not compromising the quality of products.


7.1 Preferred Suppliers

CTS limited are an accredited member of the THS buying group. The largest independent buying group in the U.K. for Engineering Supplies and Consumables. THS are an accredited L.R.Q.A. (Lloyds Royal Quality Assurance) 9001:2000 certificated company which represents quality recognition of the company in their role to deliver an efficient quality management system applicable to the provision of purchasing and membership services on behalf of the THS members.

All products should be sourced from suppliers within the THS Group initially as these represent full traceability, product conformity, quality guarantee and best value for money

7.2 Other Suppliers

From time to time it is recognised that additional suppliers will be sourced. When items are required from suppliers out with the THS membership group, competitive quotes should be obtained from at least 2 other suppliers and all relevant quotes should be in written format. Any industry specific legal requirements and product conformity documentation should be attached to the written quotation. Goods for order from suppliers out with THS should be approved for use by S Jackson, prior to orders being placed.

7.3 Purchase Order Numbers:

No orders for goods should be placed without a Purchase Order Number being allocated, and the agreed PO allocation system should be used. (Appendix A)

7.4 Delivery of Orders:

Deliveries should be received into the warehouse areas and recorded in the “Goods In” book. Once recorded, goods should be stored in the designated area in the warehouse. Goods for order to customers should be stored in the “Goods Out” area, and picked and packed for completion of the customers purchase order. Local goods should be delivered same day where possible, or within 24 hours if being delivered by courier.


The procurement of goods and services should be conducted in a fair and ethical manner and should reflect our Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy values. Particular attention should be paid to sections of the policy relating to Health and Safety and Ethical values.

Signed: Stuart Jackson Date: 29 July 2016

15th September 2016